Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Video: Sugar Hydrangea Tutorial, Wired and for Decorating Cupcakes

In this post I’m offering a tutorial on making gumpaste Hydrangea, both wired and for decorating popular cupcakes. In my plan to make a number of  good sugarflower tutorials this year,  this one takes a front line because I think it’s extremely versatile as well as easy to make a sugar flower.

I believe that Hydrangea is the best  possible filler for any of  your sugar flower / cake arrangements.  Its single blooms are large and fill up the space easily not just beautifully.  They are also flexible in their shape: you are almost guaranteed to find one  that will fill out most gaps.  Hydrangea is known to come in many colours, being another reason why it’s so user friendly.

Even though sugar Hydrangea  is very popular among the cake decorators around the world,  there are many veiners on the market for this one flower, too, giving you a good chace to customise your flower arrangement successfully.

Finally, sugar Hydrangea can be used a as a stand alone, main flower. I can think of couple of talented sugar artists which use the fact that it’s not very commonly used as such, to their advantage, showing it off beautifully a nice  hydrangea only  compositions on their cakes. Please leave a comment if you’d like me to give you some examples…

...But for now, this is my video tutorial on how to make sugar Hydrangea very easily, using basic sugar craft tools.  Thanks for Watching!


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