Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Video. Making Sugar Flowers: What Tools Will I Need?

'What equipment will I need if I want to learn to make sugar flowers?'

I remember asking myself this very same question about 5 years ago, a bit of a trip down the memory lane, while planning this video about tools necessary to access  the Sugarflower Magic, very much a modern art form, wouldn't you say.


I found myself in a very cute sugar craft shop in a little village near Leatherhead (most probably out of business now, sadly) and got further overwhelmed with the amount of staff it had on sale, that I had no foggiest how to use. I spotted a lady sorting out packs of fondant. She was a shop owner, I later learned. She, of course.  Can you imagine Sugarcraft shop being run by someone who's a he? Somehow I just can't.  Today, sure thing.  5 years ago?  Not so much...

Anyway, I asked her what was the bare minimum I had to buy if I had no clue but wanted to make edible flowers, which was hard in itself, by the way,  as rarely sincerely admit to having no clue, for the good and the bad that it's done me, and walked out with PME  cutting wheel,  a Dresden tool and very oddly, a packet of pre-made gum paste stars.  This last one was a bit of an impulse buy, as they seemed somehow much neater than the ones I managed at home. Despite eagerly running my cupcake business for a couple of years by then, I had no idea that there was such thing as gum-paste.

So, cutting wheel and the Dresden tool aside ( and how spot on she was, that no nonsense grey-haired lady),  the tools and the advice I featured in my comprehensive equipment guide, are aimed at those who don't just want to make an odd sugar flower, but those  sugar artists who have an aspiration to make the best possible sugar flowers there are, whatever it takes!

Everyone has their ideas, ways to making sugar flowers  and their favourite tools, too.  So, quite possibly, not everyone will agree with how I decided to narrow down my choices.  Quite possibly, even me few years down the line will disagree with me today, but, for what it's worth, this tool set has evolved actively and served me well so far in the above mentioned aspiration. Beautiful sugar flowers rock, in other words, and the tools I use to make mine, Cakelosophy sugar flowers, which are transcribed in my video, have helped and are helping me immensely.

And just to add, before I'm off.  Don't buy all of the equipment mentioned in my tool guide video or even any of it at all,  if all you want to make is a beautiful, stunning rose. All you need to make one of those, is decent gumpaste, plastic bag, soup spoons and a bit of oil. ( Stay tuned if interested, as I might elaborate on this kind of flower making in one of my future blog posts or Youtube tutorials.).

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  1. I follow you on YouTube and Pinterest and I have to say that you are not only remarkably talented, but I can see that your mind has a great depth for both color and art. I apologize but I am binge stalking all of your work.